Editor in Chief, The Shakerite I oversaw more than 30 student journalists for year-round web and print production, managing all aspects of the publication, including planning, assigning and editing coverage. I contributed to more than 100 articles and opinions receiving bylines in 27. I participated in more than a dozen breaking news stories and oversaw the first live election night coverage in the paper's 94-year history. I also served on the editorial board for three years, including two terms as chairman.

Cross-Platform Volunteer Moderator, Framework Computer I work with a team of 14 volunteers to oversee more than 55,000 community members across four online platforms. I assist Framework's community team in developing and documenting moderation practices, and I design and utilize processes to escalate community feedback. I also provide hosting and manage configuration for community moderation tools.

Communications, BullyBash I created and manage the online presence for BullyBash, an annual meetup of Bulldog owners from across the United States. I manage the event's website and social media, as well as attendee outreach and registration.

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